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Nourishing a Sustainable Future

With the world population projected to reach 9.8 billion by 2050 and with sub-Saharan Africa’s population expected to grow the fastest, overcoming the challenges facing 21st century agriculture is not an easy feat. The industry and markets must continuously readjust and reorganise to produce more food for a growing population with a smaller rural labour force, adopting more efficient and sustainable production methods to adapt to climate change.

At Protea Chemicals we believe in partnering with our customers and suppliers to find innovative ways of overcoming these challenges. Through our value-added services and smart solutions, we are committed to ensuring a sustainable future for your business.

The growing interest from consumers in the food supply chain goes beyond the farm.  It starts with the manufacturer. As a responsible leader in the agricultural sector, quality is our number one priority. We supply only the highest standard of raw ingredients sourced from reliable, sustainable partners. Our ingredients aim to support the health care, growth and efficiency of various animal and crop species.

Protea Chemicals is focused on building relationships that begin with the manufacturers, flowing into supply chain and, leading us to our customers. All our suppliers are reviewed prior to approval, and are subject to ongoing stringent assessments and audits from our diligent Quality Department.

Our Responsibility

Protea Chemicals is a registered Animal Feed Manufacturers Association (AFMA) member, subscribing to AFMA's guidelines and GMP Code of Conduct. Protea Chemicals is ISO 9001 accredited. Our warehouses are Approved Export Facilities and registered to export into SADC countries by regional state veterinarians. Our products are registered under Act 36/1947 for use in their specified markets. Our agricultural footprint extends into the Citrus and Crop Protection arenas. We are members of Crop Life SA and subscribe to its Code of Conduct.


Our Products

Amino Acids
Non-Protein Nitrogen Sources
Trace Minerals
Borax Derivatives
Citrus Spray Oil


Value-Added Services

‚ÄčAs an Agribusiness expert we are committed to quality and sustainability. We distribute a wide range of products such as Phosphates, Non-Protein Nitrogen Sources and Feed Additives (including Speciality Additives). Our Speciality Additives for the Monogastric and Ruminant Markets are manufactured in conjunction with industry-leading nutritionists, and designed to promote overall health and performance.

Protea Chemicals operates from a number of strategic locations that allow us to efficiently supply local customers and those in surrounding SADC countries.