Oil & gas [photo] 

Oil & Gas

Protea Chemicals Oil & Gas business provides customised solutions to the oil and gas industries of Sub-Saharan Africa, with special emphasis the West African and East African regions. These operations are supplied with advanced value-added chemical products and services.

Protea Chemicals supply the following to the African oil and gas industries:

Drilling and Production

Calcium Chloride, Caustic Soda, hydroxyethyl cellulose, coolants, resins, propylene glycol, surfactants, chelating agents, drilling lubricants, methanol, glycols and amines

Processing and Refining

Aromatics, chlorinated solvents, ethanolamine’s, ethylene glycols, isopropanol amine, polyglycols, propylene glycols, dyes, lubricants, additives, process catalysts

Protea Chemicals Oil & Gas Unit leverages group-wide synergies and efficiencies to maximize cost reductions. A partnership focused business strategy ensures that customer expectations are met and exceeded.

Additional value-added services

  • Logistics

    • Product management and logistics solutions
    • Technical assistance and support from suppliers
    • Flexible supply options
    • Application development support and assistance
  • Supply chain

    • Full service shipping team for inbound logistics
    • In-house national warehousing & distribution systems
    • Efficient local delivery solutions